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conifers of the pacific slope kauffmann
from Conifers of the Pacific Slope by Michael Kauffmann

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New and Exciting from Bored Feet:

trails and tales of yosemite guide book
conifers of the pacific slope kauffmann

Trails and Tales of Yosemite and the Central Sierra

This one-of-a-kind guide leads you to more than 60 of the best walks and hikes among the spectacular scenery of Yosemite Park and the surrounding Sierra.

Conifers of the Pacific Slope: A Field Guide to the Conifers of California, Oregon and Washington

This book provides in depth information about the 65 conifer species that occur in the three Pacific Coast states and beyond, color photos, accurate and updated range maps for each species, plus an elaborate key to aid with identification.

exploring eastern sierra canyons
exploring eastern sierra canyons Sharon Giacomazzi

Exploring Eastern Sierra Canyons

Sonora Pass to Pine Creek

Discover the hidden beauty of the Eastern Sierra's wondrous canyons with Sierra native Sharon Giacomazzi as your guide. She details local history, campgrounds, resorts, where to find the best wildflower blooms, autumn color displays and waterfalls, and more.

Exploring Eastern Sierra Canyons

Bishop to Lone Pine

This handsome and handy guide covers thirteen dramatic eastside Sierra Canyons. Starting around the spectacular forks of Bishop Canyon, Sharon divulges a wealth of hikes both popular and obscure, then continues south to include hikes near Mount Whitney.

Humboldt Rocks
Meryl King
Conifer Country
A Natural History and Hiking Guide to 35 Conifers of the Klamath Mountain Region

Humboldt Rocks: How They Got Here, What They Are, How to Find Them

The amazing geology of Humboldt County in clear and informative language. It begins deep in the Gorda Trench, where sulfurous steam vents support giant tube worms, then moves on to describe an earthquake before describing the rocks that underlie all this action.

Conifer Country: A Natural History and Hiking Guide to 35 Conifers of the Klamath Mountain Region

This superb book is an innovative natural history and hiking guide that uses conifers as a lens to explore the astounding plant diversity in the Klamath Mountains. Author/publisher Michael Kauffmann introduces readers to the magic of this little known botanical wonderland.

eastern sierra hot springs
mendocino coast map

Eastern Sierra Hot Springs

The Complete Guide to Eastern Sierra Recreational Hot Springs

Concise, fun guide describes the hot springs of the Eastern Sierra. Covers soaks in northeastern California, and nine western Nevada springs.

Mendocino Coast Recreation Map

This great new map by longtime Mendo coast resident Rixanne Wehren provides extensive information about the wide range of recreational activities on the Mendocino coast.

Ken Auster SF Intellect

Imus Geographics’ Essential Geography of the USA

Enjoy a clear view of the USA with this handsome map, perhaps the best and most representative map ever published of our country. This elegant map is available rolled on heavy duty paper, laminated and rolled as well, or as a folded version.

San Francisco: Intellect and Passion

California impressionist painter Ken Auster has created a stunningly fresh and vibrant collection of oil paintings of his favorite city, San Francisco, powerfully conveying the colorful vibrancy of that great city.

Everyday History Ray Raphael
two peoples one place ray raphael freeman house

An Everyday History of Somewhere

A classic

Ray Raphael’s classic award-winning people's history of California’s north coast is an evocative blend of oral history and narrative. As the subtitle says “Being the true story of Indians, deer, homesteaders, potatoes, loggers, trees, fishermen, salmon, and other living things in the back woods of Northern California.”

Two Peoples, One Place

In this fascinating account of Humboldt history by two acclaimed and accomplished authors, the reader views what happened when Euro-Americans and Native Americans competed for a place they both relished. This book details Humboldt's native peoples and their contact with the newcomers.

At Bored Feet, the fantastic diversity of quality products from small independent presses continues to amaze us. This season finds us with a cornucopia of great new titles. Here's a sampling:

In our abundant Outdoor Recreation line, we're proud to distribute Maximus Press, publishers of definitive climbing guides for California rock. On our site you'll find all their information-filled and image-rich guides. We currently have four Maximus Press books covering the Sierra Nevada: Bishop Area Rock Climbs, Owens River Gorge Climbs, Big Chief Area Climbs (near Tahoe), and California Road Trip: A Climber's Guide Northern California , which covers the entire north half of this glorious state, from Whitney Portal and Kern River to the North Coast, plus two in southern Oregon. Two other Maximus Sierra climbing guides are currently out of print, with new editions scheduled for 2014: Mammoth Area Rock Climbs and The Good. the Great & the Awesome: Top 40 High Sierra Rock Climbs.Two other Maximus guides cover other parts of the state: the new second Volume of California Road Trip: Southern California Rock Climbing and Sport Climbing in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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And don‘t foget the books that made Bored Feet famous:

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Bored Feet Press, a small publisher founded in 1986, is proud to celebrate our 24th year of providing great and accurate books and maps. We now publishes twelve highly regarded guidebooks to California and four fine poetry titles. Since 1995 we’ve also been a distributor for carefully selected micro-publishers. Today we bring you the best in quality books and maps produced by more than 65 small publishers.

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