Armful of Memories

Peter Jan Honigsberg
Illustrated by Tony Morse

Newberry Mole wants to get rich quick. What could be easier than a yard sale where he quickly sells off his grandparents' heirlooms? Overcome by seller's remorse, Newberry desperately tries to find a way to reclaim these family treasures. What really matters most, he learns in this heartwarming story, are the memories that make family life a joy.

Honigsberg is a professor of law at the University of San Francisco. His adult books include Crossing Border Street.

Nominated for the Original Voices Award. Chosen as one of the top picture books of the year.

32 pages, 8-7/8" x 11", full-color dust jacket, 22 full-color illustrations, 2001. Published by RDR Books.
ISBN 1-57143-089-X hardcover picture book



Armful of Memories Peter Jan Honigsberg<br>Illustrated by Tony Morse inside image

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