Solu-Khumbu: The Trek to Everest
A Photographic Journal

Tim Hauf

Hauf's stunning photos of the Himalayas, their foothills and people provide an enthralling visual account of the famous trek to base camp, never before recorded in a book.

With Nepal continuing to attract thousands of U.S.visitors each year, most strive to see the world's tallest peak, and many have made the trek to Everest Base Camp, launch point for attempts to summit the mountain.

This beautiful book covers the walk-in trek from Jiri to Base Camp. Presented as a daily journal, the book shows, both visually and with journal entires, what trekkers see and experience as they follow this sometimes demanding, always rewarding journey.

Hauf's book provides a great complement to all the narrative and photo books about Everest that have recently been so popular.

160 pages, 11" x 10", full-color cover, more than 180 color photographs. Published by Tim Hauf Photography.
ISBN 0-9659688-8-X trade paper.




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