WineTrails of Idaho
A Guide for Uncorking your Memorable Wine Tour

Steve Roberts

This new guide offers the most comprehensive look at the wineries of Idaho, the Gem State. Itís fresh, itís new and itís thorough. The handy guide groups all Idaho wineries open to the public (and with regular hours) into four geographically focussed WineTrails. A dozen other wineries open by appointment only are also covered.

Join author Steve Roberts as he guides readers through memorable wine tours from the Idaho panhadle in the north to the southern state. Easy-to-follow maps and directions to make touring easy. Profiles of each winery include a description of the winery, winemakerís philosophy, winery hours, photos, a map, and contact information. Bonus material includes tasting-room etiquette, wine tasting 101, description of common Idaho grape varieties, and tips for decoding an Idaho wine label. Also covers planning your Idaho wine tour getaway,touring with kids and pets, finding wheelchair access, bicycling in wine country and hosting the perfect wedding.

2010, 120 pages, 6Ē x 9Ē, full-color cover and insides, 100 color photographs including 8 full-page, 41 maps, other illustrations, index. Published by South Slope Productions.
ISBN 978-0-9792698-2-0. trade paper



WineTrails of Idaho Steve Roberts inside image WineTrails of Idaho Steve Roberts inside image

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